Accidental Damage Cover

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Tower Cold Chain Accidental damage cover


Appendix B – Accidental Damage Cover

Payment of the Accidental Damage Cover Fee will release Hirer’s liability for accidental damage to a Container as set out below.

Hirer must state in the Order if Hirer wishes to Opt-Out of the Accidental Cover, and Hirer will have full responsibility for the Container whilst in its care, from dispatch of the Container from the Dispatch Hub until the Container is received back by Tower. If Hirer opts out of Accidental Damage Cover, Hirer will reimburse Tower for the cost of all loss of or damage to a Container from whatever cause (fair wear and tear excepted), including but not limited to accidental or wilful damage, destruction, theft or seizure.

The Accidental Damage Cover is charged per Container per Week (7 Days) minimum 1 Week, additional hire Days are charged at 15%.

What is covered?


Accidental repairable damage to Container (including structural damage), cooling plate, and data logger.

Total Loss of Container, damage to container beyond repair, cooling plates, or data logger (lost, stolen, destroyed, or not returned). Please refer to Tower pricing policy for costs.

Accidental damage Cover Fee (Price per Week) * GBP EUR USD ZAR
KTEvolution 50 58 63 1,125
KT70 50 58 63 1,125
KT400 100 115 125 2,250
KTM21 100 115 125 2,250
KTM31 100 115 125 2,250
KTM22 150 172.50 187.50 3,375
KTM32 150 172.50 187.50 3,375
KTM42 150 172.50 187.50 3,375
KTM52 150 172.50 187.50 3,375

*Prices exclude applicable value added/sales tax

Repair Charges

From 1st of January 2023 the below repair charges will apply in the case of accidental damage.

Fair wear and tear (covered by Accidental Damage Cover) – age-related deterioration of a Container, or any of its component parts where it has been properly maintained and used for its intended purpose. Examples are: leaking seals, water ingress/damage, fixings missing as a result of usage deterioration and vibration; catch striker deformed due to incorrect attempted closure of the door.

Accidental Damage (covered by Accidental Damage Cover) – damage that occurs suddenly as a result of an unexpected and non-deliberate external event or action. Accidental structural damage is included to the extent that it is repairable.

What will incur additional charges? (Not covered by Accidental Damage Cover) – Contamination – perishable or deleterious items left inside the Container for sufficient time to result in a hygiene issue; Unauthorised alterations/repairs – alteration or repair not performed or authorised by Tower; damage to container beyond repair, cooling plates, or data logger (lost, stolen, destroyed, or not returned); missing/loss plates or loggers; total loss or container write off. Please refer to Tower pricing policy.

Hirer must make all Container operators aware that a malfunctioning Container should immediately be removed from service and returned for repair to avoid unnecessary further damage and repair costs.