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Evolution 1600 Tower Universal

The future of cold chain transport for the life sciences industry is here.

Introducing the Evolution 1600 Universal Shipper Pallet from Tower Cold Chain.

We are delighted to offer a revolutionary new container which will simplify cold chain shipments for the pharmaceutical industry and set new standards in quality and product safety.


Our new container boasts an industry-leading, fully engineered composite construction which is transit tested to ASTM4169 standards for product protection. It is a fully sealed and weather-resistant system designed to guard against environmental changes and temperature fluctuations, protecting its contents from crush damage and maintaining its internal temperature for up to 120 hours.


This container offers a range of pack-out options to allow all types of pharmaceuticals including vaccines, biotech products, insulins, drug substances and both semi-finished and finished products to be transported safely and easily.

It will provide guaranteed protection in four different temperature ranges (2-8°C, 15-25°C, frozen and deep frozen) by using different PCM plates or dry ice. This immense versatility is complemented by our unique data logger and visual data display. This container is compatible with a variety of data logging solutions for ease of integration.


As with all of our reusable containers, the Evolution 1600 Universal Pallet is designed to be endlessly reusable. It is hygienic, easily sanitised between uses and available throughout our global hub network. Each container is fitted with a unique QR identifier code which supports return logistics, ensuring that each container’s journey is optimised to deliver maximum value.

Representing excellent value for money due to its longevity, this system is fully recyclable when it does reach End of Life, meaning that its carbon footprint is absolutely minimal. This is the ideal solution for life sciences businesses whose ethical and environmental credentials need a boost.


Supported by Tower’s outstanding customer service and cold chain logistics expertise, the Evolution 1600 Universal Double Pallet container can be used year round in every global destination without the need for added complexity or packaging instructions. This simple solution will streamline business validation processes and improve operational control.

This new container will revolutionise the cold chain logistics supply chain, creating a circular solution which delivers mutual benefits to all stakeholders through waste reduction, simplicity of process and standard sizing which can be used in all road and air transport options.

In conclusion, if your business needs a multi-purpose reusable cold chain shipping container, which is compatible with a wide range of road and air transport options, fully compliant with all environmental and regulatory standards and offers 120 hours of zero-intervention temperature control across a wide range of temperature parameters, Tower’s Evolution 1600 Universal Pallet is the one for you.

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