How Robust, Reliable and Reusable Small-Box Direct-to-Patient logistics Solutions Revolutionise Clinical Trials

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Direct to patient logistics for clinical trials

When conducting clinical trials, precision and reliability are fundamental to success. Any temperature deviations or mishandling of pharmaceuticals can compromise the integrity of the trial, wasting time and money and duplicating effort.

One way in which clinical trials are being revolutionised is the integration of small-box direct-to-patient logistics solutions. This new way of transporting pharmaceuticals enhances the patient experience, streamlines business processes and is a cost-effective way of increasing the reliability of the trial.


Why logistics matter


Typically, clinical trials are supported by a complex web of logistics supply chains in which pharmaceuticals pass between numerous intermediaries and are often stored in a variety of locations prior to the start of the clinical trial for which they are required.

This introduces risk into the process as there are many situations in which the pharmaceuticals may breach their temperature parameters, becoming spoiled and skewing the trial results. Direct-to-patient, small-box solutions are a compelling alternative which simplifies the logistics chain, reduces risk and expedites the gathering of vital trial data.


Benefits of direct-to-patient, small-box solutions


These modern solutions are compact and portable yet fitted with sophisticated temperature tracking technology, which ensures that the pharmaceuticals remain within their required temperature range for the entirety of their journey from manufacturer to patient. 

They eliminate the need for costly storage facilities and reduce the number of touchpoints, thereby preserving the integrity of the product, ready for the clinical trial for which it is required. They are cost-effective, hygienic and reusable, thereby offering excellent value for money, eliminating packaging waste and optimising inventory management.

Small-box solutions are convenient, arriving at the patient’s home and allowing them to partake in the trial with minimum disruption to their daily life. Not only does this model enhance the patient experience, but it can allow researchers to access a more diverse participant pool, gleaning results more rapidly and from a wider cross section of society.

Finally, small-box solutions can accelerate the development of life-saving therapies. They allow clinical trials to be conducted more quickly and efficiently, accelerating the data-gathering process and enabling evaluation and regulatory approval to be conducted in a shorter timescale than has traditionally been possible. This allows manufacturers to bring their product to the market in a shorter time frame, advancing medical science and saving lives.

In conclusion, direct-to-patient, small-box logistics solutions could transform the way in which clinical trials operate. By guaranteeing temperature control of in-transit pharmaceuticals and shortening the supply chain, clinical trials can happen more quickly, enhancing medical research and improving the lives of patients. 

To discuss the direct-to-patient, small-box fully reusable solutions that are available, please contact Tower Cold Chain today. We would be delighted to discuss how our solutions could add resilience to your supply chain and enable your clinical trials to operate more efficiently.