Revolutionising Clinical Trials Packaging with The KTEvolution

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Tower Cold Chain presents a range of cutting-edge containers designed to cater to the unique needs of shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products on a large scale. Among our offerings, the KTEvolution stands out as a manually handleable container, renowned for its robustness, reliability, and reusability. This makes it the perfect choice for smaller domestic or international shipments, particularly excelling in clinical trials packaging.

Maintaining the Same High Standard of Temperature Control for Smaller Shipments

With the growing demand for personalised medicine, the cold chain industry faced a pressing need for a solution that caters to small batch shipments and last-mile delivery. Recognising this demand, Tower Cold Chain developed the KTEvolution, a container designed to deliver the same standards of cold chain excellence for smaller shipment sizes.

Available in 26L or 57L sizes, the KTEvolution offers unparalleled protection, security, and visibility, upholding our commitment to high quality temperature control within a light weight, compact box. Engineered to withstand shock, vibration, and climatic challenges, this small container undergoes rigorous pre-qualification testing, ensuring it meets the stringent requirements for < -60°C (ultracold), -20°C (frozen), +5°C (refrigerated), and +20°C (controlled room temperature) shipments.

Given the extreme temperature sensitivity of clinical trials products, maintaining a high standard of reliability is paramount to safeguard the integrity of the medications in transit.

Clinical trials can often involve cross-border shipments, adding layers of complexity due to varying international regulations. Therefore, efficient shipment management and the reliability of containers used for clinical trials packaging is pivotal in ensuring successful clinical trial outcomes.

In addition, the fully reusable nature of our containers underscores the importance of providing a hygienic and sterile environment for clinical trial products. By opting for washable containers, microbial risks are minimised and product integrity is maximised. And, beyond sterilisation and integrity preservation, fully reusable containers also offer substantial sustainability benefits compared to single-use, disposable alternatives that lack the ability to be used time and time again.

This is true whether shipments are large or small – an effective clinical trial cold chain must be robust, reliable, and increasingly, reusable. By prioritising these aspects, clinicians and patients alike can rest assured that pharmaceuticals or clinical trial products receive optimal care throughout their journey, with minimal environmental impact.

Ensuring Product Integrity Throughout Clinical Trials

Our containers’ design not only ensure robust protection but also incorporates innovative digitalisation and technology to closely monitor clinical trial shipments throughout the entire cold chain.

Technology plays a crucial role in maintaining quality control for clinical trials packaging. At Tower Cold Chain, we utilise data loggers to monitor the internal temperature of our containers, ranging from -95°C up to 50°C. Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy Technology, each logger wirelessly communicates data to the cloud, ensuring accurate monitoring throughout transit. Data is automatically downloaded when within range of an InTemp Gateway device, enabling real-time monitoring and intervention.

In the rare event of a temperature excursion, our logger technology promptly notifies customers via text or email, ensuring door-to-door compliant payloads without requiring human intervention during transit, optimising consistency.

The KTEvolution stands as an ideal solution for clinical trials packaging, with its compact and robust design, it ensures top-tier temperature control for smaller shipments. By prioritising sustainability through reusability and innovative technology, we hope to set new standards for clinical trials logistics at Tower.