The importance of cold chain training

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In the world of pharmaceutical logistics, precision and reliability are crucial. Therefore, thorough training across all levels is a key factor in ensuring a reliable and efficient cold chain. At Tower, our success is rooted in maintaining high standards of cold chain training throughout the company. Not only for safety, regulatory and efficiency requirements in our hubs and warehouses but also for our sales and customer service teams all over the world.

Whether our employee is based out of our US Centre of Excellence, one of our many European hubs or on the other side of the world in Singapore, we ensure our teams get the same high level of comprehensive training. This makes for a united team who are committed to excellence.

GDP Training for Cold Chain

The pharmaceutical logistics industry is highly regulated, and adhering to global regulations is a must. Our commitment to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) training is crucial to ensure the quality and integrity of pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain for both the efficacy of products and patient safety.

Familiarity with markets, languages and policies per destination is also fundamental to the success of international pharmaceutical distributors. In a time when the pharmaceutical cold chain is evolving rapidly with personalised medicines and small batch shipments on the rise, effective training and forward planning is paramount.

Therefore, logistics professionals should always be trained to navigate unpredictable circumstances and know exactly what it takes to meet GDP standards for the smooth transportation of pharmaceuticals all over the world.

Tower invested in GDP training for key personnel of the UK HQ in 2022, and is now rolling out GDP training for all locations and hubs across the network.

Internal product & process Training

Tower recently invested in internal training videos for our global teams. These new videos will work as a universal knowledge hub, creating a common understanding for our employees worldwide. Rather than just following a set protocol, it’s important to implement one high standard globally.

This is why Tower puts a strong focus on training in our programmes. Just as GDP training is vital for safe and efficient pharmaceutical transport, our commitment to providing gold standard customer service is also essential. Our hub networks are designed not only for product availability and proximity but also as responsive local resources for our customers. If customers need guidance or support, our well-trained teams are armed with the knowledge and skills to help quickly and effectively.

In conclusion, the importance of comprehensive cold chain training across global hubs is not just about operational efficiency, it is about consistency. The pharmaceutical cold chain requires reliability which comes from a well-trained, cohesive workforce.

From GDP training to delivering excellent customer service, Tower is committed to providing one high standard of service. As Tower Cold Chain keeps growing with hubs all over the world, our investment in training will continue to be a focus. We want our employees not just to comply with regulations but have the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical cold chain.