Total Loss Cover (Tower equipment only)

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Total Loss Cover (Tower equipment only)


Payment of the Total Loss Cover Fee will release Hirer’s liability for Total Loss or destruction of a Container and / or plates as set out below. Please note that this does not cover loss of product placed in the container by the customer.

Hirer must state in the Order if Hirer wishes to Opt In to Total Loss Cover, and Hirer will have full responsibility for the Container whilst in its care, from dispatch of the Container from the Dispatch Hub until the Container is received back by Tower. If Hirer does not Opt In to Total Loss Cover, Hirer will reimburse Tower for the cost of all loss or destruction of a Container from whatever cause, including but not limited to accidental or wilful damage, destruction, theft or seizure.

The Total Loss Cover is charged per Container per week with additional days charged at 15% of cover fee per day.

What is covered?


Total Loss of Container, cooling plates or data logger through theft or shipping / transport accident.

Accidental damage beyond repair of container, cooling plates, or data logger by customer unless due to gross negligence.

Accidental repairable damage to Container (including structural damage), cooling plate, and data logger. This is covered separately by the  Tower Damage Waiver.

Sale, or seizure by third party.

Price (per week minimum)
Prices exclude applicable value added/sales taxCover Fee USDCover fee GBPCover Fee


Cover Limit


Excess: A compulsory excess of $400/£320/€370 will be applied per unit per claim with a maximum claim of 10 units per annum

Tower reserves the right to amend the Total Loss Cover fee annually or after a claim is made.

If the Total Loss cover is not taken out at the time of the booking on the online booking platform, then the charges shown in the customer tariff sheet will apply in the case of Total Loss or Destruction.

If the unit is discovered to be still in use after a claim is made, retrospective rent will be charged and the unit will be returned to Tower.

If cover is not taken Tower pricing policy for loss of container will apply

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