KryoTrans® Passive Thermal Shipment Containers from TOWER Cold Chain Solutions

KryoTrans® is a range of passive shipment containers that provide thermal protection to build a sustainable supply chain.

Adhering to the stringent regulatory requirements whilst managing costs and ensuring an end-to-end audit trail to prove compliance are two critical supply chain management challenges faced by our industry.

The KryoTrans® range is operationally and economically efficient for all shipments and, in conjunction with the expertise at TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, can reduce your total cost of shipping.

The animation below brings to life the performance of the KryoTrans® throughout an average supply chain with associated time and temperature details, highlighting risks and potential temperature excursions.

It also highlights the factors involved in calculating your total cost of shipping, which is traditionally viewed as the cost of packaging plus freight – a common misconception. KryoTrans® passive shipment containers can reduce your total cost of shipping, here’s how…

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