Global hub network

Thermal protection to build a sustainable supply chain

Global hub network

A global network of passive thermal and reusable shipping containers, allowing you to reduce your total cost of shipping without the added burden of repositioning

TOWER is The One Way Easy Rental

Thermal protection to build a sustainable supply chain

Avoiding temperature excursions whilst managing costs and ensuring an end-to-end audit trail to ensure compliance are the factors that our industry must continuously juggle.

The KryoTrans® range of thermal passive containers provide a solution to this juggling act. In fact, KryoTrans containers are operationally and economically efficient for all shipments and, in conjunction with the expertise at TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, can reduce your total cost of shipping.

TOWER are committed to minimising shipping costs whilst ensuring a robust, global supply chain. To this end, we have published a two-part white paper to accompany the KryoTrans technology, which examines all of the factors involved in calculating your total cost of shipping and dispel the common misconception that this consists of the cost of packaging plus freight.

You can download both white papers here.

Whitepaper - The Real Cost of Shipping

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TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces strategic partnership in South Africa

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READING, UK, April 23rd 2018 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces a new partnership to enhance its service across sub-Saharan Africa   TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, suppliers of the KryoTrans® range of passive thermal containers, has extended its global reach by partnering with ZacPak. This partnership greatly enhances both TOWER’s service provision to the African market and…

A Powerful Partnership – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions Strikes Strategic Alliance with Protek Pharma Worldwide LLC

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READING, UK March 5th, 2018 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces its partnership with Protek Pharma Worldwide. Protek will support the increasing demand for TOWER’s products across North America. Protek is a highly experienced and established global presence in managing cold chain pharmaceutical freight with solutions for temperature protection. The partnership with TOWER further expands…

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions Secures New Funding

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READING, UK Feb 13 2018 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces major new funding to support rental fleet development. TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, the Reading, UK-based provider of temperature-controlled containers to the pharmaceutical industry, announces the completion of a £3m funding initiative designed to support the development of new stock, new sales support and new hubs. TOWER rents…